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Hello there, thank you for visiting my website.  Here you'll learn about me growing up in the California Central Valley, my education and career experience, as well as my aspirations.  
I am a graduate from USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism with a BA in Communication. My college internship was theatrical marketing and distribution for Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, which lead me to travel the Midwest reporting on marketing compliance of theatrical exhibitors. I walked through ceremonies in 1996 and began work as a research assistant in market research for a publicly traded company in technology licensing, Gemstar TV-Guide International. Upon graduation in 2000 I was hired as Project Manager at a boutique advertising and design agency for the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Property account (consumer products). I began co-producing artwork with creative services and consumer products for home entertainment and licensing marketing campaigns, both national and international. I began freelancing in 2003, projects included marketing and brand development for entertainment and fashion industries.
I am a graduate of Masters Rehabilitation Counseling Program at Fresno State. My Graduate internship was with the Department of Rehabilitation and upon graduation with my Masters Degree I accepted a job offer working for the state as a Rehabilitation Counselor and attained further experience working with people with disabilities.  I am now a PhD candidate and studying at University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, rehabilitation counseling and education, to become a teacher.  I am very excited to be pursuing my goals in becoming a professor, researcher, advocate, and counselor which are life long dreams come true through significant committment. 
-Michele Salas

Email me anytime should you have any questions for me.  Thank you for visiting my site.


What's New?

After living in Los Angeles through my undergraduate degree and gaining career experience, returning to the Central Valley was an invaluable homecoming.  I finished Graduate School at Fresno State, and graduated with honors and distinction during a time of adversity in my Life.  My Master's Project, through committment and despite adverse circumstances, won the award for Outstanding Project/Thesis for CSUF Kremen School of Education and Human Development for the 2010-2011 academic year.  I have made the most unbelievable relationships in graduate school, and many kudos go out to my cohort. I will be gaining more experience as a Rehabilitation Counselor during the next few years, and hopefully further in the future, make a significant contribution to my field of study in rehabilitation.  Fight On!

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.